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NFL Contract Negotiations

            In a very competitive business such as professional sports contact negotiations take an even more competitive twist, however rather than following regular protocol of signing too quickly many times it is the loner negotiations that withhold the valuable players. Many players withhold certain information from the team to prove themselves in conditioning camp. (Conlin, 1999) An example of this would be a player knew that he performed below his ability threshold in pre-draft workouts. The process of contract negotiations in the NFL take place only after the player is accepted on the team. Sports agents work aside the players to negotiate the highest salary amount attainable. There are advantages to high performing players starting after conditioning and pre-season when their contracts negotiate over a lengthy process. Many times the agent and team go back and forth on contracts until a small settlement is accepted. The player then plays a few games and the contract is renegotiated. This entices the team to agree to a higher concession if the player proves worthy upon his debut games. There at times can be players who withhold certain information from agents and teams that can potentially have a negative effect. An example of this would be a player who recently had a knee injury that could potentially be injured again. In private business unlike union contract talks there is a great deal of information withheld.