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The Magna Carta is one of the oldest contracts in existance.  Written in 1215, it was written by a priveledged few in an attempt to get the king of England to give up some control of the country.  The records of how this contract was negotiated among the writers is lost to history, but how the king responded is infamous.  The king did not want to be told what to do by his subjects and he went to the pope and asked for help in getting his subjects to obey him.  The pope declared that anyone that followed the Magna Carta would be excommunicated!  This is an example of how if the right parties are not involved in the negotiation, the contract will be null and void. (Craig, 2010)

The United States Constitution, written in 1776, was negotiated among wealthy land owners in the newly formed country.  The Constitution is esentially a contract between the citizens of the United States and the government.  This is one of the oldest contracts that is still in use and it is based on the Magna Carta. (Craig, 2010)